Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This Mannequin is Cool

Yet another wonderful project by 2 highschool students in Northeast, Colorado. Here is this week's post - Thanks for sharing, you guys.

In September 2011 we (M and J) met with Linda, a local audiologist who had an idea for a community project. That was the first time that either of us became aware of how hearing loss occurs and how susceptible people are to this threat. In recent years, personal music devices like IPods and MP3 players have caused an increased concern for the health of America’s youth.
In response, we built Viviana using guidelines from the Dangerous Decibels program. Viviana is a mannequin that works as a sound level meter. This was accomplished by replacing one of Viv’s ears, rewiring a sound level meter, and running a cord through Viv to the meter. By doing this, Viviana can now read the volume of personal music devices by simply placing a headphone in her ear.
Viviana has visited the Melissa Memorial Hospital Health Fair in Holyoke, the Fleming Wellness Fair, last year’s fourth grade classes at Holyoke Elementary school, and the Holyoke High school. We are hoping to again visit the schools in Holyoke and the Melissa Memorial Hospital Health Fair. In addition we have contacted Dangerous Decibels and hope to expand out sphere of influence in Colorado. 9HealthFair contacted us and asked that we add something to the CHANGE blog. You can check out Viv at or come see her yourself around Holyoke, CO.

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