Monday, February 6, 2012

How to use this Blog

Hi Everyone,
Just so you know I am new to blogging and I bet some of you are too, and this is a unique sort of blog because we are using this form of communication to let students help each other to be creative and make CHANGE for the health of it. So sometimes, we will have guest bloggers and some of them will be students who have done some very cool things. We also hope to have students read and comment on the things we share. For now we will receive your comments and post them daily. That way we can be sure everything that comes in is OK to go out. So you will see your comments in a day or so. Please check back.
We also hope that you will come back often and see what other youth are talking about here.
When you share about your activity or program, it will help the most if you:
  • Think about your blog as if you are writing a news article... tell us Who, What, When, Where, How and How much or What happened as a result. If you do not know what happened as a result of your activity you can say that and see if anyone has a suggestion for how you could find out.
  • It also helps to understand how you came up with your ideas, like did something happen to make the students or your family interested in CHANGE? Did you do a survey and find out what people thought was important? Did you have a goal you wanted to achieve yourself to make things better?
We will be posting some ideas students have had or that we have read about too, just to keep things moving.

Well that's it for today except for this: Check it out if you haven't seen the.....
It looks like so much fun!


  1. I wanted to be sure you got to see the comment from a member of the Merino Wellness Team. It is part of the thread on the January blog but in case you missed it I wanted to re post. Thanks Lady Ram1 for the inspiration!

    "This year our committee is working on stress relief and staying active. We hosted a month long contest in December on how to reduce stress. We held daily challenges that challenged us to relax for 15 minutes or to take technology out of our lives for an hour that day. All of the challenges were proven to reduce stress some way. At the end of our contest, a motivational speaker and dance instructor came to our school to help us "Relax away our stress." Currently we are working on a contest that promotes physical activity, aerobics, strength building, and flexibility. This contest will be for 7 weeks. Also the wellness committee has purchased a green house to allow students to grow vegetables and produce for our school salad bar. We have worked hard this year to encourage nutrition, physical fitness, and stress reduction."

  2. From Rangeview HS student...

    Last year Rangeview High School's Entrepreneurship class started a mental health awarness campaign. With the help of the Carson J Spencer Foundation and Junior Achievement our class developed a whole new schema for suicide and mental health issues like depression. Over the course of the school year my classmates and I learned how to detect if someone is contemplating suicide by using a three-step system called Q. P. R. (question, persuade, and refer). We also learned how to relay the message of suicide prevention in a safe way that did not glorify or normalize suicide. With these new skills the class set out to solve teen suicide by way of attacking bullying in our school. Our class developed a needs assessment that was handed out to a variety of students at our school; with it we determined that bullying was a serious issue as well as the alarming percentage of students who have contemplated suicide. Our next step was to find or make a product that was easy to sell to our peers and profitable. The idea of wristbands was chosen since many companies and organizations used wristbands to market their ideas. We then came up with our unique slogan, I Choose To Live/I Choose To Love, with the letters of "i" in live and "o" in love to overlap depicting the capitol Greek letter Phi. We then chose the colors green and white to symbolize life and growth and we purchased glow-in-the-dark wristbands to symbolize that all life shines in darkness. Our first purchase of three hundred wristbands sold faster than we predected and the demand for more in different colors was high. Though our main colors are still green and white we also sell pink and black, white and black, and blue and white. Even though our class won first place for the compettion, we made a were more concerned about the impact we had on or community. We administered surveys asking students if they were aware of our mission and if we made an impact in any way. We also held a benefit concert at our school, having each performer wear a wristband. The turn out was great and word of our product spread quickly. Soon after the concert 9 Health Fair wanted to give our wristbands to people participating in their event. Our wristbands and mission statements made an impact on our school community and state. Personally I've grown and learned so much from this experience!

  3. From above Rangeview HS student...

  4. Wow, this is just the sort of thing we want to help other students learn about. What a great model for how to make CHANGE. I am posting your comments as my next Blog to be sure everyone who goes to the blog sees it. Thanks for sharing... and please look over the application for our Health Advocate Award and see if your group wants to apply to win!


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